Driving up to the William P Hobby Airport in Houston TX is a visually stunning experience. The columns, canopies, and reflective windows exude clean, futuristic, high-tech modernity. The lines are dynamic, the angles are sharp, and the Y-shaped columns have a beautifully implicit aeronautical influence.


The process for Hobby Airport was unique in that we sent individual fab tickets to confirm the dimensions of every panel with the customer before fabricating. We gathered and planned these dimensions from a combination of shop drawings, field measurements, and 3D ExactSite™ scans of the building.


The architect’s initial vision and the limitations of metal panels yielded several rounds of revisions. MDSI made adjustments to panel sizes to ensure that grain direction and joint lines were aesthetically pleasing and not distracting from the architect’s design.

The engineering and geometry of the canopy feature presented challenges in panel fit and performance. We encountered some substrate surfaces that required panels to be adjusted onsite to fit the contour of the substrate. However, the use of the 3D model helped us to anticipate and avoid most of these situations.

All in all, MDSI is proud to have contributed to such a beautiful project.

Project details

  • // Number of Panels: 2135
  • // Square Feet of Material: 61239
  • // MDSi System(s) Used: 20
  • // Color(s) Used: Bone White - Titanium Metallic
  • // Year Completed: 2017
  • // Location: Houston, TX

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