This design is a delicate marriage of curves and angles, warm colors and pristine glass. The performing arts deserve more homes like this one. There is no question as to why we are proud to have been involved in the construction of this gorgeous building.


Our Project Manager and our lead Designer on this job were able to make a scan trip to the jobsite, and were present for much of the work. The firsthand perspective we gained by having “boots on the ground” early on helped us to overcome the obstacles we encountered on this project.


The clean angles, corners and seams required great attention to detail, which is only possible when details are known. Thanks to our ExactSite™ Laser Measurements, our design team was able to address interfacing of panels with windows and other adjacent materials far in advance.

We had to roll with the punches on this one, as significant design modifications were made midway through the job. Engineering challenges had been encountered between design intent and material constraints, which required us to rework panel sizes and arrangements.

In the end, working through all of these challenges was well worth it when our customer saw the beautiful final product!

Project details

  • // Number of Panels: 885
  • // Square Feet of Material: 16680
  • // MDSi System(s) Used: 20
  • // Color(s) Used: Copper Penny - Autumnwood Metallic
  • // Year Completed: 2019
  • // Location: Spokane, WA

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