At first glance, it’s clear there was an artistic vision for this building. Its design brings together four different shapes and colors of panels, two colors of brick, and beautiful glass balcony railings. Chicago is home to many architectural wonders, and this building certainly earns its place in the Windy City.


Metal Design Systems is proud to have provided all of the panels for this building’s exterior. If it’s not brick, glass, or steel framing, we were responsible for it. What makes this unique is that we not only provided four colors of panels, but made use of four different panel systems to achieve the architect’s vision. This process included building mockups to ensure that custom colors matched the desired aesthetic, and then matching brake metal flashings to those colors for a consistent look along seams and corners.


Bringing four systems together was a time-consuming process during the design phase, but we were glad to have the details worked out before construction and fabrication. Coordinating these panel systems also meant coordinating schedules from four unique suppliers to receive materials, fabricate panels, and deliver to the job site on time. This was definitely a challenge, but thanks to having this building scanned with our ExactSite™ Laser Measurement, we were able to deliver materials with accurate dimensions, the first time.

We were so grateful to receive the compliments of the Developer, Architect, and the General Contractor for this project

Project details

  • // Square Feet of Material: 17800
  • // MDSi System(s) Used: Series 60 - Series 42 - Round Column Covers - Millennium forms, Morin panels
  • // Color(s) Used: Lead Grey, Mica Platinum, Statuary Bronze, Bronze Colored Stainless
  • // Year Completed: 2018
  • // Location: Chicago, IL

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